Hair by Barbara Salon

 Hair Care Tips!

Now what about your hair.….You may have heard the old wives tale brush your hair 100 times a day….what exactly does that mean?

Scientific brushing:

The purpose of brushing the scalp is to increase the circulation which in turn bring nutrients from your body to your hair.

Best to use a brush that is a bristle brush…. some very good ones are available at Health food stores. these days. A mix of nylon bristle and boar bristle is an excellent choice.

Each hair has oil and sweat gland. When you brush before your shampoo when your hair is dry this empties those little glands and

when you wash your hair it allows the sweat and oil to be washed away resulting in a cleaner shampooing. This will keep for having a flaky scalp. Sometimes flakes are also a result of not brushing as the skin on your head also needs loosened in order to wash away during your shampoo. Flaky scalps do not necessarily mean that your have dandruff. Dandruff is a condition and does not look like just a flaky scalp.

Brushing the hair alone will not give the full benefits to brushing. A solid boar bristle brush is excellent for removing tangles painlessly. I have three brushes. A solid boar, a mixed boar and nylon bristle, and a solid nylon brush. I would recommend a vent style brush if you blow dry, this diffuses the heat and speed up drying with out damaging the outer layer of the hair.

When shampooing:

Be sure to use little shampoo and rub well into your hands before placing on your very wet hair. Be aware that placing it in the same spot is not recommended.  I would recommend adding the shampoo to the scalp at the nape of the neck then the sides and lastly to the top of and front temples of the head. Add water to increase the lather, rather than more shampoo. If you wash every day one shampooing is efficient. If you shampoo every other day you may want to shampoo twice. Be sure to get your fingers to the scalp. Squeeze the shampoo thru your hair if it is longer and rinse well. Add a conditioner, rinse. If you are short on time to condition start your shower with the shampoo with will allow for time to leave conditioner in for a few more minutes or use a leave-in conditioner. Shampoo cleans, conditioner moisturizes.

Dandruff shampoos are harsh in most cases.  Use tepid water for your hair. If you find your hair is flaky after a shampoo. Brush your scalp just before you get in the shower to loosen up the dry scalp so that it is washed away during the shampoo. Avoid using hot water, it is drying. Tepid water for your scalp will keep the scalp from drying out.

Client’s Loving Comments


Thanks Barbara!

I love my haircut…you are brilliant.

XX Barbara S.


Dear Barbara,

Thank you for being such a special friend to each and every member of our family! Not sure how you do it, but we all love you.

Best, Lizbeth L.

“After several bad haircuts from “professionals” I was convinced the only person that understood my hair was me. Then I met Barbara. We joke that her haircuts are so good, oftentimes I don’t come back for several months….but I’ll never cut my own hair again…or trust anyone else. She really understands what my hair will do and cuts it in a way that is truly low maintenance and brings out the best in my hair’s natural features.”

J D.


Barbara, I was at an event in Denver and received many compliments on my new style. One of the compliments came from another stylist. Thanks your for getting my hair back in good shape.~Kathy D.


Barbara the Barber has an amazing talent as a hairdresser! When  I moved to Longmont in 2000, I tried several hairdressers and none seemed to be able to figure out my thick, wavy hair. When I received a beautiful post card for Hair by Barbara Salon, I made an appointment and from the very first time she has been able to cut and style my hair just how I like it. She is an artist! Now she can just never move away or retire! Jan W.


Barbara  has been cutting my hair since I moved to Boulder. I have never been satisfied with anyone else. For a while, I moved to the west coast and traveled back to Colorado to get a haircut! Barbara is a genius. The salon is comfortable. The jazz is great. It’s pretty cool to have your hair styled by someone who has taught techniques in Europe! If you want the best hair services ever, contact Barbara the Barber today!

Cinner G., Boulder County, Colorado


I have had the great fortune to start my hair care with Barbara back in the 1980’s. Then, there was about a decade where we lost track of each other and I suffered through other people’s less-than-flattering cuts. Happily, I found her again about 6 or 8 years ago and have once again enjoyed the benefit of her great sense of hair style — Barbara has a magical feel for just what to do with your hair, and she loves what she does! I have always had very long, dark tresses, and one day I asked her to cut it off to shoulder length and make it different. I trusted her and fully left the decision of what to do to her intuition. The result was amazing — Everywhere I went I got compliment after compliment on how great my hair looked, and 2 years later, people still make positive comments. Each time I go in for my haircut, she improves on it just a little, and it is such a great cut that all I have to do is wash it and brush it out! I love what she’s done with my hair, and only wish we’d done it years ago, and I can’t imagine anyone else taking care of my oft-needed hair cuts. She’s THE best! And, the other wonderful thing about having Barbara cut your hair is that she is just flat out fun to be around! ~Nancy L


Barbara saved my hair and subsequently changed my life. I had a horrible die job with orange brassy ends, but I wanted to grow my hair long. Over a few years, Barbara put a perfect rinse on my hair to hide the unwanted color as my natural color grew back. I receive compliments about my hair color now, which is my own, as well as my hair cut. I not only feel great when I leave her studio, but every day after that. I feel great about my hair, but I didn’t always, only when I started going to Barbara. She is a true professional and I will never let anyone else cut my hair, even if I move to Sweden! ~Kristen


Barb continues to add sparkle & color to my hair and that’s because she got talent, personality and creativity. Thanks Barbara…you’re the best.~Julie J.


Barbara has been a precious part of my life for over twenty years. We’ve danced in the same ballet studio, cherished mutual friends, participated in the “growing” of her fine nephew, and always my hair and spirits are remarkably happier, when her generous, love filled, and creative work is finished! Carry-on Barbara, with my best wishes! ~Diane


Ha Ha Barbara- I love this idea!

People are always complimenting me because of the way Barbara cuts my hair.

She is especially good at cuts and styles that work with both your hair and facial features.



Barbara has been giving me superb cuts and service.

My appointments are always a soothing and pleasant experience because by now she know a fair amount of my “history” so we also have meaningful conversations. I often get compliments related to my haircut and style.~Madelyn W.


I have been visiting Barbara haircut since I moved to Boulder. She is THE BEST for hair cuts and splash color. She is reliable, professional, flexible, friendly and a good friend. She will always have some good tunes playing for you. I am sure that if you give Barbara a try that you will never look back or want to visit another salon again.

Sincerely, Edna M.


Barbara  is truly a creative stylist. She can perfectly define my neckline and give me the haircut that makes me look  years younger!

She always knows what I want in terms of a hairstyle so I can relax and let her pamper me. ~Patty. J.


Thanks for the great haircut. You did a fabulous job. No more bad hair days … I look forward to having you do my hair from now on.~ Sally T.